SDG Digital Finance Ecosystem (SDFE) Assessments

We support governments in identifying gaps and opportunities within their domestic digital finance ecosystems,  in terms of their level of development, assessing the level of inclusion of vulnerable segments in digital finance and the broader digital economy and measuring the extent to which the digital finance ecosystem is aligned with national SDG priorities. 

The SDFE Assessment looks at over 100 indicators in the areas of (i) policy and regulation, (ii) digital infrastructure, (iii) skills, (iv) FinTech and innovation and (v) SDG-alignment of FinTech and government digital strategies. The assessment utilizes a mix of desk review, surveys and interviews to gather its large collection of data.  An outcome of this assessment is a Technical Report that outlines its findings, contextualizes it to other comparable countries and provides a series of recommendations on how to better harness the digital finance ecosystem in catalyzing financing for national SDG priorities. 

Embedding Digital Finance into Integrated National Finance Frameworks (INFFs)

We support Governments in linking digital financing to SDG-aligned integrated national financing frameworks by:

  1. Providing a package-of-support, including a sequenced methodology of how to integrate digital finance into the INFF, templates for an INFF-tailored assessment of the digital finance ecosystem (SDFE Assessment), workplans and examples of best practices. 
  2. Providing end-to-end guidance support, including trainingsabout ways to integrate digital financing into the INFF and oversight and quality assurance throughout the assessment implementation
  3. Facilitating access to relevant trained digital financing experts from internal staffing (UNDP or UNCDF) and an external digital finance expert roster
  4. Sharing best practices from other countries