UNDP's Finance Flagships are global initiatives designed to bring the SDGs into the heart of the global financial system. Flagships are built around strategic partnerships that deliver new practices and policy frameworks at scale. Innovations at the country level are brought together with global thought leaderships to leverage change across public and private sectors.

Integrated National Financing Frameworks (INFFs)

UNDP recognises that financing the achievement of the SDGs will require finance to be mobilised from across public and private sectors, as well as from both international and domestic sources. As countries develop their next generation of Medium Term Development Plans in the final years leading up to 2030, we have a last chance to ensure that they are linked with comprehensive financing frameworks.

SDG Impact

Launched in September 2018, SDG Impact is a UNDP flagship initiative that provides investors and businesses the clarity, insights, and tools required to strengthen and authenticate their contribution to achieving the SDGs. SDG Impact’s three interrelated pillars of work focus on overcoming barriers and making it easier for the private sector to invest in achieving the SDGs:

Insurance and Risk Finance Facility

Insurance and Risk Finance Facilitybrings together UNDP’s work across risk finance, risk transfer, and the financing of resilience into a single strategy and set of tools, guidelines, and sources of support for country offices and programme countries.  

Its overall vision is to use its engagement with the insurance industry (private, mutual and cooperative) to find, develop and implement innovative, scalable solutions to help countries tackle the intertwined challenges of poverty, vulnerability and risk.

Digital Finance

UNDP and UNCDF are delivering a series of joint service offers to support developing countries in advancing their sustainable digital financing ecosystems,  to catalyze SDG financing and spearhead a dialogue to strengthen the inclusive international governance of global digital finance platforms. 

Through the joint work, UNDP and UNCDF are advancing the key recommendations of the UN Secretary-General’s Task Force on Digital Financing of the SDGs (DFTF), which in August 2020 issued an Action Agenda on how to harness the digital finance revolution to accelerate financing for the SDGs. 

The joint offers include the following three areas of work:

  1. Dialogue on Global Digital Finance Governance
    The Dialogue on Global Digital Finance Governance, through its research and recommendations, aims to catalyze governance innovations that take greater account of the SDG impacts of BigFintechs and are more inclusive of the voices of developing nations
  2. SDG-anchored Digital Finance Ecosystem Assessments
    This service offer supports Governments in assessing the level of development, inclusivity, and SDG-alignment of their domestic digital finance ecosystems, as well as linking and embedding digital financing within the Integrated National Financing Frameworks (INFFs). 
  3. SDG Digital Finance Accelerator
    This service offer will help to identify break-through innovations which deploy digital technologies to empower citizens  to help reach the SDGs.  UNDP/UNCDF will use their global platforms to capture knowledge, document case studies, provide tools, templates, and experts.

The Joint Offer seeks to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Citizens are empowered to improve their lives via digital finance innovations 
  • Governments regulate BigFintechs with the knowledge of their SDG impacts 
  • BigFintechs embrace governance & business practices, resulting in positive impact on SDGs
  • Digital financing becomes an integral part of sustainable development strategies

Targets by 2023

50 SDG-aligned digital finance ecosystem (SDFE) assessments completed
40 countries integrate digital finance into their INFF process
40 countries link digital finance policy with SDG financing
10 countries initiate pilots empowering citizens to invest in local SDG-aligned projects
20 countries enact regulatory approaches that pertain to BFTs and their SDG impacts
15 BigFintechs engage in Dialogue’s guidance on governance and SDG impacts