UNDP's Finance Flagships are global initiatives designed to bring the SDGs into the heart of the global financial system. Flagships are built around strategic partnerships that deliver new practices and policy frameworks at scale. Innovations at the country level are brought together with global thought leaderships to leverage change across public and private sectors.

Integrated National Financing Frameworks (INFFs)

Integrated National Financing Frameworks (INFFs) are a country-led approach for mobilising and leveraging public and private financing for sustainable development. They help governments bring together the full range of policies, regulations and instruments at their disposal – those that mobilise and spend public resources, and those that regulate and promote private investments – and align them with national priorities. INFFs help governments and their partners navigate the synergies and trade-offs between policy areas and strengthen collaboration across the public and private sectors.

SDG Impact

UNDP's SDG Impact flagship initiative works to accelerate private sector contributions to the SDGs by 2030.  Its objective is to help businesses and investors put sustainability at the core of management decisions and direct capital to where it can make the most difference to people and planet. It achieves this through two pillars of work.  

Insurance and Risk Finance Facility

UNDP Insurance and Risk Finance Facility (IRFF) supports the development of innovative insurance products and services. are  The IRFF team works closely with industry partners to deliver policy advice, guidance, tools, methodologies, and networks that boost country and community resilience towards socio-economic, health, climate and other shocks. The Facility also examines legislation, regulatory and institutional capacity development, and invests in advocacy, training, and education.

Digital Finance

UNDP and UNCDF are delivering a series of joint service offers to support developing countries in advancing their sustainable digital financing ecosystems,  to catalyze SDG financing and spearhead a dialogue to strengthen the inclusive international governance of global digital finance platforms. 

Through the joint work, UNDP and UNCDF are advancing the key recommendations of the UN Secretary-General’s Task Force on Digital Financing of the SDGs (DFTF), which in August 2020 issued an Action Agenda on how to harness the digital finance revolution to accelerate financing for the SDGs. 

SDG Finance Academy

SDG Finance Academy ensures all stakeholders can receive the knowledge, skills and training required to understand (i) different financial tools and approaches and their role and use; (ii) how these tools and approaches link to the SDGs; (iii) what these tools and approaches mean for policy reform, and (iv) the scope and opportunities to tailor these tools and approaches to organisational and national development needs. The Academy aims to equip UNDP staff in 170 countries as well as its public and private sector partners with the right tools and skills to deliver on the SDGs. Modules are tailored to regional and local context of each UNDP Country Office, technical practitioners, economists as well as public and private sector external audiences.