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    Sustainable Insurance Forum Jan - June 2020 Update Report

    Responding to COVID-19: Guidelines for engaging with the BoP

    In the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Business Call to Action (BCtA) has published guidelines for its member companies on how to cope with and respond to the crisis.

    As BCtA members are inclusive businesses and engage with the base of the economic pyramid (BoP) – those who earn less than $10 a day – our guidelines have been developed to assist BoP-engaged businesses with implementable actions designed to protect these businesses and BoP populations.

    UNDP's Private Sector and Foundations Strategy (2018-2022)


    To address the climate investment gap, UNDP and World Bank and co-launched the Invest4Climate platform in September 2017. Invest4Climate aims to mobilize, coordinate and deliver finance to close the climate investment gap and help countries to a resilient and low-carbon future that supports jobs and growth.

    Development Finance Assessment Guidebook 3.0 Draft

    Framework for SDG Aligned Finance

    Budgeting for the Sustainable Development Goals: Aligning domestic budgets with the SDGs Guidebook

    UNDP UNCDF Second Convening on Governance of BigFintech

    UNDP Thematic Bonds 101

    UNDP Bond Service Offering

    UNDP Development Finance Assessment Guidebook

    OECD-UNDP Impact Standards for Financing Sustainable Development

    A growing number of investors and corporates aim at coupling financial returns in developing countries with positive social, economic and environmental impacts. However, the way they measure those impacts can be at odds with actual managing practices, and important aspects such as transparency, the protection of human rights and local stakeholder consultation are not systematically taken into account. In order to help mend these gaps, the OECD-UNDP Impact Standards for Financing Sustainable Development (IS-FSD) provide a framework for donors, domestic finance institutions and their private sector partners to make financial decisions and manage projects in ways that generate a positive impact on sustainable development, and improves the transparency of development results. The Standards, approved by the OECD Development Assistance Committee in March 2021, constitute a best practice guide and self-assessment tool.