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    SDG Costing: A Guidance Note

    The guidance note aims to promote an understanding of how the costing associated with achieving the SDGs differs from costing of more traditional national development plans or sectoral initiatives and how adopting this can reduce costs and enhance impact for the SDGs

    SDG Budget Tracking

    SDG Budget Tagging/Coding SDG 13 Budget Manual

    The manual provides support to mitigate global climate change.

    Climate Public Expenditure and Institutional Review: Methodology Guidebook

    The Biodiversity Finance Initiative Workbook

    This Workbook provides an innovative, stepwise and adaptable approach that enables countries to: assess the context for biodiversity finance and map existing finance solutions; measure current biodiversity expenditures, and make a reliable estimate of the finance needed.

    Budget Expenditure Performance Reports by SDGs (produced by country FMIS enriched by Line Ministries performance Analyses).

    Parliament’s role in Implementing the SDGs:

    This is a Parliamentary Handbook prepared by IsDB, UNDP, GOPAC in 2016.

    Parliament Handbook on Budget Scrutiny from climate change perspective

    The handbook is intended as a primer for legislators interested in understanding and appraising the budget from a climate change perspective.

    Citizen’s SDG Budgets (Prioritising the SDGs objectives for Governments to facilitate budget allocation towards Policy Targets)

    A tool that supports governments to make the right budget decisions and prioritization on SDGs by enabling a dialogue between governments, citizens, Parliaments and civil society organizations to participate in decision making, monitoring of the spending on the ground and holding the government accountable for managing public funds.

    Expenditure Trend Analysis

    Tool used to assess whether budget expenditure trends match the SDG Priorities, Requirements and Cost Estimates.

    Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys (PETS): This is a tracking mechanism to validate whether expenditures reach intended beneficiaries)

    Advocacy & Capacity Building

    (Assist parliament Committees on Budgeting for the SDGs, SDG Impact Assessment, Outsourcing Research and Analyses as well as increasing claim for SDG Policies & Targets to be explicitly presented within Budgetary Documents)

    Benefit Incidence Analysis (Assess Targeting and Effectiveness of Public spending from Beneficiaries’ Perspective)

    Thematic Bond (Green, Blue, SDG, Islamic Bonds) Frameworks

    Thematic bonds are traditional fixed income instruments which allow investors to finance specific investment themes such as climate change, health, food, education, access to financial services and target specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through investing. The frameworks enable design of the thematic bonds.