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    Policy and institutional support for aid/development cooperation management

    Analytical and capacity development support to client governments to establish/strengthen mechanisms for managing aid/development cooperation, comprising of national development cooperation policies, implementation and mutual accountability frameworks (relevant guidance on this -upcoming)

    Development Finance Information Management Systems (Guidance Note)

    Analytical, capacity and technical support to help client governments to establish/strengthen national aid/development cooperation information management system, including supporting with Long-Term Agreements for system developer when suitable.

    Monitoring of Effective Development Cooperation (Guidebook)

    Support to assist client governments to lead country-level data collection, validation, analysis, and facilitation of dialogue on the quality and impact of development cooperation. This includes technical advisory support to integrate monitoring into national development planning & cooperation management processes

    Monitoring of Effective Partnership in Fragile and Conflict Affected Situation (Guidebook)

    Support to assist client governments in fragile and conflict affected situations to lead country-level data collection, validation, analysis on what effectiveness of development cooperation means in their specific context. This includes support to integrate monitoring into relevant national processes and to draw on existing analysis (e.g. fragility assessments)

    Voluntary Monitoring of South-South Cooperation (Practice Note)

    Support to assist client governments that are providers of south-south cooperation to review and adapt effectiveness monitoring indicators to their specific context and to undertake data collection, analysis, validation, as well as national dialogue on results

    • Principles and guidance on effective private sector engagement in development co-operation.

    Joint IPU-UNDP Guidance Note on enhancing the engagement and contribution of parliaments for effective Development Cooperation

    Establish a common understanding and offer ideas on what parliaments and parliamentarians can do to promote more effective and accountable use of aid and resources for development.


    SDG Impact has developed an innovative tool to provide investors with country-level market intelligence that highlights key intersections between development need, policy priorities, and investor interest. SDG Investor Maps provide localized insight into sectors and market conditions that advance the SDGs. The methodology identifies Investment Opportunity Areas (IOAs) and business models that could advance the SDGs. These opportunities are backed by actionable data to guide investor decision-making.

    Investor Convenings and Policy Dialogues

    Impact Facilitation events showcase the findings of SDG Investor Maps to foster partnerships for investment. SDG Impact supports country offices in convening investor forums to identify investor connections and partnerships that are aligned with the SDGs, as well as public-private policy dialogues aimed at improving the environment for SDG-enabling investments.

    Impact Funds Set-Up Support

    This tool provides guidance on the facilitation of government partnerships, advice on fund raising, impact measurement and management services.

    Set-up and Operationalization of Impact Venture Acceleration Programs (For Series A stage companies).

    UNDP impact venture accelerators combine business acceleration programs with robust dedicated efforts for impact scaling and measurement and management in the context of the SDGs.

    Set-up of Impact Acceleration Programs

    The SDG Accelerator is a UNDP programme aiming to accelerate business solutions that contribute significantly to the SDGs.

    The SDG Accelerator targets companies at different growth and maturity stages, but primarily established SMEs. Through the programme, companies are provided with hands-on support and business development instruments enabling the adjustment of business models and the development of new products or services that intensify the company’s impact on the SDG-targets and contributes to sustainable growth.


    UNDP SDG Accelerator Assets

    UNDP SDG Accelerator Moldova

    UNDP SDG Accelerator Bosnia Herzegovina

    UNDP SDG Accelerator Case Selection