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    Guidance Note on high-impact MSME interventions and tools for COVID-19 response and recovery

    This comprehensive set of interventions for micro, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) includes tailored support in the form of trade and market intelligence megatrends analysis, the Aid for Trade Initiative to address trade and supply-side related challenges, the Supplier Development Programme, a digital MSME survey to assess the impact of COVID-19, the IN MOTION Toolkit to support MSMEs to respond and recover from the crisis, a dedicated SME Action Platform, impact venture accelerators, as well as inclusive business ecosystem approaches and gender-responsive Inclusive and Equitable Local Development (IELD) to create an enabling environment supportive of MSMEs.

    Accelerating Private Sector Partnerships

    The Private Sector Engagement Guidance Note has been developed to share best practices and provide insights on how to efficiently engage private sector,  including adoption of fast-track due diligence and easier co-branding policy exceptions that are exclusive to COVID-19 response Initiatives. The guidance note includes a Private Sector Partnerships Tracker and  Survey for stocktaking of innovative business partnership pipelines, opportunities and challenges - shared in the Global UNDP COVID19 MS Teams Space.

    Sustainable Finance Diagnostic

    UNDP AltFinLab and Crowdfinancing (Remittances & Diaspora)

    [SPA] Riesgos y Oportunidades Climáticas y Ambientales del Sistema Financiero de México

    [SPA] Riesgos y Oportunidades Climáticas y Ambientales del Sistema Financiero de México

    Catalyzing Private Sector Investment in Climate Smart Cities

    The objective of this report is to explore innovative financing instruments and approaches for catalyzing private sector financing to fill the climate-smart investment gap in cities. The report reviews the existing literature, highlights key barriers in scaling-up private investment in climate-smart urban infrastructure, and showcases innovative financial de-risking instruments and other financial instruments for private sector financing for low carbon, resilient urban investments. 

    Mobilizing Insurance Investment in Sustainable Infrastructure

    This report breaks down the technical, regulatory, and financing challenges insurers face in scaling investment into low-carbon and climate-resilient infrastructure and offers solutions and insights into how the UN system and development finance institutions (DFIs) can support the industry to allocate a greater portion of its AUM into this critical asset class.

    The Ecosystem of Private Investment in Climate Action

    This report acts as a resource guide for any stakeholders interested in better understanding the broader ecosystem of private investment and the market facilitators that impact and enable climate-aligned investment, including how they interact with public actors.

    DFTF Report ‘People’s Money: Harnessing Digitalization to Finance a Sustainable Future’

    Guidelines for Building National South-South & Traingular Cooperation Strategies