December 2021

Out of the 70 countries worldwide that are using Integrated National Financial Frameworks (INFFs), half are on the African continent. The INFF Flagship in Africa supports African governments and their partners towards more holistic, integrated financing frameworks that bring together public and private financing, strengthen the integration of planning and financing processes, align budgets including debt and fiscal instruments to the national priorities and the SDGs, promote SDG-aligned private sector development and strengthen tools to monitor and account for SDG impact. In this context, UNDP’s SDG Finance is supporting:

  • 27 countries that completed and are still undertaking Development Finance Assessment (DFA) resulting in INFF Roadmaps.
  • 23 countries to launch INFF Oversight Committees as the structure that will govern the planned reforms for Financing the SDGs at the country level with 14 Country Offices to establish SDG financing dialogue platforms.
  • 11 countries to develop SDG financing strategies that will frame the upcoming strategic reforms covering issues such as debt, taxes, budget, investment, development cooperation.
  • 7 countries that have completed SDG Investor Maps, with over 100 investment opportunity areas identified in the region.
  • 7 countries to advance SDG Budgeting interventions towards enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in public expenditure for delivering the SDGs.
  • 19 countries with ongoing Tax Inspection Without Borders (TIWB) programmes and expanding the work on Taxation through the Tax for SDGs.
  • 6 Country Offices to roll out Digital Finance Ecosystem Assessment and set up the digital financing strategies.
  • Insurance and Risk Finance Facility (IRFF) supports Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda with risk financing solutions developed with industry. Chad and Burkina Faso are supported with index-based agriculture insurance, Kenya and Mozambique with reef resilience and human-wildlife conflict, as well as Mauritania, Kenya, and Rwanda with disaster risk financing funds. The Facility plans to roll out climate and disaster risk financing training in 54 countries in Africa.