Service # 1 Developing and monitoring SDG related bond frameworks and project pipelines

UNDP provides governments and/or corporate entities support on realization of selected bonds and exploring alternative financing options. This service focuses on designing SDG related and/or green bond frameworks as well as monitoring, reporting and measuring impact of proceed uses to be included within annual reports for investors over the bond tenure. UNDP also assists in facilitating SDG Programmatic Bonds (SPB) as an innovative sovereign instrument for debt swap designed to generate funding for high impact social projects, without aggravating countries’ debt position. When SDG related and/or green bonds are in place, UNDP may also assist with the selection.

UNDP has developed country experience on both public and private sector issuance of debt with specific support around monitoring frameworks and supports countries to link debt restructurings to SDG specific indicators and develop specific impact indicators for creditors who are considering debt-to-health swaps for enhancing social investments and addressing the impact of COVID-19.