Service # 1 Integrating SDGs into Medium-Term and Annual Budgets

UNDP's Budgeting for SDGs aims to inform budgetary decisions on SDGs as well as reflecting these decisions within budgetary policies.  This service is tailored to country-specific demands and specified budgetary processes by offering support to develop SDG Financing Frameworks as part of the Medium-Term Expenditure Frameworks. Where appropriate, UNDP will support and prioritize SDG Integration into budgetary formulation tools.  UNDP also aims to target and increase SDG-related spending within government and will seek to bring its engagements on SDG-related spending to IMF Article IV Consultations.

A coherent approach to budget management will also enable governments to ensure efficiency and effectiveness whilst rebuilding/retaining trust at a time of great fiscal constraint, a robust framework for accessing further international public finance including debt, and ultimately a sustainable recovery.