Service # 1 Tracking public and private contributions to the SDGs

UNDP establishes and implements data information management systems that track the progress of both public and private finance progress towards achieving the SDGs. UNDP enhances governmental capabilities by identifying the most effective methods for improving policy measures that boost private sector impact towards the SDGs (integrated data/information management systems) through public-private platforms discussions on aligned measurement practices. UNDP also builds capacities within the private sector to report against impact on the SDGs. Most importantly, UNDP can build on its convening role to facilitate dialogue between the private sector and government on these reporting initiatives. This can help lead to a more comprehensive reporting across public and private sectors as well as a more holistic dialogue with citizens on the impacts of public and private sectors on the SDGs.

UNDP will offer support to the government in establishing integrated COVID-19 and SDG Financing Dashboards. This will build on UNDP’s Development Finance Assessment methodology as well as UNDP’s experience in establishing aid information management systems, budget tracking, and support for the private sector in tracking their impact on the SDGs.