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Acceleration programs for established companies

SDG acceleration programs for established companies

The SDG Accelerators for small and medium-sized enterprises aim to accelerate business solutions with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The programme has been piloted in Denmark in 2018 and 2019 with 32 Danish small and medium-sized industrial companies, and now the programme is being rolled out globally.The programme is already being implemented in Moldova and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

In the SDG Accelerator process, the participating companies receive guidance and a comprehensive method to develop new products, services or business models that address the challenges embedded in the SDGs. In addition, companies will be assisted in communicating externally and engaging their employees in their work with the SDGs through internal campaigns and activities.

Read more about the programme: http://www.sdg-accelerator.org/

focal points

Aphinya Siranart

Social Impact Investment Expert

Camilla Brückner

Director, UNDP's Nordic Representation Office

Stine Kirstein Junge

Private Sector Advisor and Head of SDG Accelerator for SMEs

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