Budgeting for the Agenda 2030 – Opting for the right model

Public budgets are simultaneously economical, legal, and political tools. As such they are the most powerful instruments to ensure policies, plans, and priorities of governments are implemented. This Guidance Note intends to help governments and UNDP Country Offices in designing the optimal Budgeting for SDGs (B4SDG) model and reforms path to effectively integrate SDGs into various parts of the national budget cycle.

focal points

Fakhrul Ahsan


Moortaza Jiwanji

Pacific Office

Munkhtuul Batbaatar

Mongolia CO

Suren Poghosyan


UNDP Staff Only: Once you identify your SDG Financing expert, please place a request for his/her services through your CO corporate planning system (IWP platform) under the ‘Service Requested’ section. Please be sure to indicate the name of the financing expert on the service request page (‘Summary of Service Expected’ box) in order to facilitate assignment.