National Network for Development Financing (NNDF) and National Advisory Boards (NABs) on impact financing.

The NNDF is integrated into the National Development Planning and Financing frameworks. They may link to an oversight committee for INFF development and implementation. This brings together multiple stakeholders of the financing architecture to set up an effective implementation mechanism for financing for development (SDGs). The NABs are established in partnership with the Global Steering Group (GSG) for Impact Investment to develop and foster impact investment in countries. UNDP has been closely associated with the establishment of NABs in several countries.


Development Partners

Development partners



Impact Investment communities

Impact Investment communities

National and Subnational Governments

National and Subnational Governments

focal points

Elizabeth Boggs-Davidsen

SDG Impact Director

Kirthisri Rajatha Wijeweera

Senior Economic Advisor (Sri Lanka and Maldives) and Head of Knowledge and Research at UNSIF

Nan Collins

Head, Innovative Finance

Sara Lisa Orstavik

ImpactSpecialist SDG Impact

Sebnem Sener

Senior Specialist SDG Impact

UNDP Staff Only: Once you identify your SDG Financing expert, please place a request for his/her services through your CO corporate planning system (IWP platform) under the ‘Service Requested’ section. Please be sure to indicate the name of the financing expert on the service request page (‘Summary of Service Expected’ box) in order to facilitate assignment.