SDG Financing Strategies and COVID-19

While most countries are currently in the midst of the response phase where the focus is on limiting human-to-human transmission, providing care and minimizing the significant social and economic impacts of the pandemic, going forward governments will need to develop plans for national recovery. UNDP is working to support Integrated National Financing Frameworks and has already rolled out Development Finance Assessments (DFAs) which will be adapted to offer governments an established process to build the analysis and consensus for designing holistic financing strategies to drive recovery from the pandemic.

Products and Country Experiences

focal points

Emily Davis

SDG Finance Specialist

Jan Kellett

Orria Goni

SDG Finance and South-South Cooperation Advisor

Radhika Lal

Tim Strawson

UNDP Staff Only: Once you identify your SDG Financing expert, please place a request for his/her services through your CO corporate planning system (IWP platform) under the ‘Service Requested’ section. Please be sure to indicate the name of the financing expert on the service request page (‘Summary of Service Expected’ box) in order to facilitate assignment.