Thematic Bond (Green, Blue, SDG, Islamic Bonds) Frameworks

Thematic bonds are traditional fixed income instruments which allow investors to finance specific investment themes such as climate change, health, food, education, access to financial services and target specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through investing. The frameworks enable design of the thematic bonds.  

focal points

Alexandra Soezer

Devanand Ramiah

DRR China

Gulcin Salingan

Joan Manda

Regional Advisor Climate Change and Innovative Finance

Karanraj Chaudri

Advisor, Social Impact Investments, India-South Asia

Kirthisri Rajatha Wijeweera

Senior Economic Advisor (Sri Lanka and Maldives) and Head of Knowledge and Research at UNSIF

Marcos Mancini

Muhammad Didi Hardiana

Technical Advisor Development Finance - UNDP Indonesia

Qing Xu

Roy Gonzalez

Costa Rica

Tenke Andrea Zoltani

Development Finance Advisor

Zambia-Bruno Mweemba

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