Action Areas

UNDP’s work drives systemic change in public and private finance that benefits people and planet. UNDP works with partners across 4+1 integrated service offers towards achievement of the SDGs.

Action Area 6Aligning Business Strategies and Operations for the SDGs

Adjusting business models to integrate a calculation of sustainable development returns into their balance sheets will help align private sector growth to the SDGs. This requires innovation in business practices, as well as change in goverment policy and regulation. Private Sector also plays a critical role in the COVID-19 response and recovery providing much needed innovation in the production of solutions to the crisis as well as the potential to stem the rise of unemployment, while critical support is needed to enable business to maintain their operations and to recover with their operations at scale. For a full description of services please see the UNDP Private Sector COVID-19 Service Offer, click Learn More

Action Area 7Impact Measurement and SDG Finance Reporting

Strengthening the coherence of government systems to classify and track public finance and the frameworks used by the private sector to report on their development impact will be central to generating the data needed for decision makers to mobilize and align finance with the SDGs, which is also critical for integrated COVID-19 response and recovery. 

SDG Finance Academy